14 Jun 18, 10:54

Responsive web design process

Having a responsive website that runs well in every mobile device can be achieved with the help of website design specialists, like KARIGURA. Our responsive web design process includes:


We design for the smaller practical screen in a way that it will be easy to further work in a media query breakpoints series



Any browser size should run your website and for that reason, it is important that your website can resize and adapt itself to all screen size changes to fit all mobile devices, in both portrait and landscape views



We need to be certain that images are kept as minimal as possible, and texts are not rotating, when accessing website from a mobile device, for better viewing. Also, size should be less than 1Mb for faster loading



Admittedly, advance search and filling out a form from a mobile device is never easy, which is why you need to keep it simple and neat to be super user-friendly!